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    Finding Access Points & Parking

    The Catskill Scenic Trail offers 26 miles for hiking, biking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, walking, and jogging.

    There are multiple entry points and trailheads. Trailheads are located in Bloomville, Stamford, just south of Grand Gorge and just north of Roxbury.


    There are a few designated parking areas. Find parking in Bloomville on Route 10 just east of the hamlet and in Stamford at the intersection of Railroad Avenue and South Street by the historic depot.


    There is also parking at Route 30 on Ferris Hill Road, just sough of Grand Gorge. You may also park along Route 30 at the base of Hardscrabble Road, just north of Roxbury.


    Should you choose to enter the trail at a different location, park on the side of the road with consideration for those who are using the road or trail.

    The Catskill Scenic Trail is marked with octagonal signs indicating the distance to the trailhead in the direction you are facing.


    View the map of the trail here.